A chance discovery this week by a junior archivist at the National Archives of Australia (Canberra) has the rugby world in turmoil.

During the performance of his normal archival duties, David Wigglesworth uncovered what is believed to be a photo of the Australian National Rugby Union team (The Wallabies) holding the Bledisloe Cup (circa 1979).

“I’m bloody stoked” says David, when asked to comment on his recent discovery. “I was just going through some old material, and it dropped out onto the floor. I couldn’t bloody believe it when I saw what it was!”


Although yet to be verified by experts, Australian Rugby Union fans are hopeful. If this photo turns out to be the genuine article, then this discovery will back claims from the ARU that the Wallabies have in fact previously won the Bledisloe Cup in living memory.

ARU officials are obviously hopeful, and have declined to comment on the issue until the facts have been independently verified.

While the NZRU are yet to comment, we believe they will stick their previous stance of ‘not being able to recall’ when the Wallabies previously held the trophy.

Updates to follow, as they become available.