Welsh Rugby Bosses Plan To Challenge Joe Marler Decision


Welsh rugby bosses are vowing not to let the Joe Marler ‘gypsy’ issue drop and are taking up the matter directly with Six Nations chiefs.

The WRU issued a statement at Thursday lunchtime, admitting they were “surprised” at the decision not to sanction Marler.

Six Nations organisers revealed they were not taking any action against the England loosehead, even though his jibe at Wales prop Samson Lee has enraged many.


Wales are not prepared to let the matter rest and appear ready to make their views known to the poweers-that-be.

The WRU statement read: “We are surprised by the decision of the Six Nations disciplinary hearing.

“We stand by our belief that that there is no place for the use of racist language in sport.

“Clearly this incident has raised broader issues for the game of rugby which require follow up and which we are undertaking directly with Six Nations.

“Our focus is on preparing for the final weekend of the championship and giving the Welsh public the win they deserve.”

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  1. I think that headline would be a different one if the two roles had been reversed… a Welshman caught saying that to an Englishman? BBC and the rest of the country would be up in arms! Also, while there’s an argument for sledging in sport, if its targeting a specific ethnicity and is heard on tv across 6 countries you should pay the price. No place for xenophobia in international rugby. Furthermore, the p***k got away with his cheeky dig at Rob Evans while he was lying on the ground – his arm hitting him in the face, which involved him moving his arm directly away from the ball… Not sure how you justify that one. They then cite Tom Francis gets for what appears to be a legitimately accidental brush with Marler’s nose. If the commissioner is going to read into incidents he needs to show some consistency… Cite the boy. Twice.

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