world cup

Every Northern Hemisphere side and fan will want to dream of the following scenario: 2 November 2019 their beloved country has just lifted the Webb Ellis trophy in Yokohama Stadium in Japan. Surreal? Maybe not. With not even one Northern Hemisphere side in the World Cup semi-finals for England 2015, I believe some serious questions were asked on why their sides performed below par. Of course the usual blame game started and everyone blamed each other, the fans blamed the coaches, coaches blamed the players and the administrators, well they just kept quiet.

So how can your side win the World Cup? If you follow these easy steps I believe that your team can win the World Cup or even progress to the semi-finals.

Step 1: Administrators: Get a coach who has international credentials and is not afraid to take risks in his game plan and his selections. The coach must also have a clear vision on how they want to play, what each individual players’ job is and how to get the best of their selected players on that day.


Step 2: Select players who have the temperament, skill and the talent to make the right decisions on the field and to play Rugby without fear of consequence. It is also important that your captain (best in his position) see your vision and believes in your strategy that you want to play.

Step 3: Get the clubs/provinces involved in your vision and strategy that you have for the national side, so they can give input on how to make the national side a better team.

Step 4: Get local coaches involved with the national youth sides so that they can learn from your internationally acclaimed coach and also so that they understand how important their job is to make the youth sides better, thus will lead to a more improved player for your senior national side.

Step 5: Administrators must give their full support to all levels, from grass roots to the national’s side. It is very important that you don’t question your coach on his team selections, game plan or selection of captain. Administrator’s, your job is to make sure everything is in order behind the scenes so that the national side can only perform on the field and make your nation proud.

I believe if you country follow these 5 easy steps, your sides will be much more competitive and could even win the World Cup in Japan 2019.


I am a rugby fanatic (especially the Lions and Springboks…Yes, I am a South African), enthusiast and a former player (only university level). I am a Director of Sport, Teacher and a big believer that rugby is the best sport on planet earth.