Doctors in England have become so worried about the potential damage Jamie Roberts could be set to cause the English defence, they have attempted to ban tackling.

More than 70 doctors and academics have called for a ban on tackling in the hope of stopping the massive Welsh centre who is himself a qualified doctor. In an open letter to ministers, they say injuries from this “high-impact collision sport” can have lifelong consequences.

In an attempt to disguise their efforts to halt the rampaging Dr Roberts, doctors have targeted their campaign at schools, but hope to force through a bill before England’s clash with Wales at Twickenham on 12th March.


Although the move has been met with widespread condemnation, English doctors are hoping to force through a bill in the hopes of reducing the impact of Jamie Roberts as England bid to claim a first Six Nations title since 2011. It is believed concerns were first raised when Roberts put in a monstrous defensive display against Ireland in the opening round of Six Nations action, however it was after smashing his way through the Scottish defence in round 2 that English doctors decided they could no longer wait before acting.

Serious concerns were raised over the potential damage that could be inflicted on English fly half George Ford who is more than four stone lighter than the giant Welsh centre. It was at this point that some half-arsed research was cobbled together and presented as ‘fact’ over the long term implications of rugby on players health.

It is believed that Dr Roberts has volunteered himself for more extensive tests as to the long term health impacts of playing rugby in the hope of putting off any decision on the future of tackling in rugby believing that his side’s defence holds the key to defeating England at Twickenham once more.