A thread on Reddit recently started highlighting the ‘bad’ habits of some rugby fans, here are some of the highlights users submitted;

“On some level I actually enjoy the media’s England bias, because it pisses me off and gets me more riled up for my own team’s performance.”

“I don’t know anything about France anymore, and make no effort to predict the outcome of their games. It just seems pointless.”

“If my team is on the wrong end of a string of penalties, I’m yelling ‘this is a conspiracy’ and get super angry. If the other team is copping it, I’m all like ‘great refereeing’ and really chilled about it”

“While I don’t like booing (Even in the pub), whenever the opposition take a kick I often find myself mumbling swear words under my breath in a genuine effort to hex and/or curse their kicker.”


“When watching on the TV at home, my behaviour towards the players and referees I don’t like is both rude and sweary. I’m a living room hooligan”

“I won’t pretend for a second that I understand what’s happening in the scrum most of the time, but I’m 100% certain that their loosehead is a cheating scumbag”

“I like Wayne Barnes.”

“When opposing teams are kicking I like to say miss ya bastard.”

“If there’s a scuffle on the pitch, I tut and shake my head, but inside I’m giggling and my eyes are glued to the screen.”

“A really old shirt > This year’s shirt > Another years shirt > A non-rugby shirt of the right colour > Bare chest > No effort.”

“I transform into a sulking teenage boy whenever my team lose, complete with scowling, head shaking, and in extreme cases, Linkin Park.”

The full Reddit thread can be found here.