Super Rugby bosses are set to overhaul the bonus points system, making it harder for teams to get a leap on the championship table.

The imminent changes have been reported in South Africa by Supersport, the official broadcaster in the rugby-mad republic.

At present teams get a bonus point for scoring four tries.

But Superport report that the new system will see teams only rewarded with an attacking bonus point if they score three more tries than their opponents.


The system is currently used in the French Top 14 competition and places emphasis on defence as well as attack.

And it seems Sanzar are looking to do more to keep fans informed by linking the referee’s microphone to stadium sound systems where possible.

This is a trial system and is in line with the NFL in the United States where refereeing decisions are broadcasted at stadiums.

The changes were reportedly agreed by coaches, referees and administrators at the Sanzar conference and are due to be announced officially shortly.

They come as Super Rugby expands to an 18-team competition with the addition of another South African side, one from Japan and one from Argentina. They will play in a conference system.