ford burgess

SOUTH Sydney star Sam Burgess has come under more criticism from his former rugby union coach Mike Ford, who has made no secret of his disappointment in the code-hopping experiment.

The Bath coach has previously stated that Burgess ‘didn’t have the stomach’ to see out his contract, but in his latest critique he takes a shot at Burgess’ ego as the cause for his return to rugby league.

Speaking with UK’s Daily Telegragh while reviewing England’s World Cup campaign, Ford said the 27-year-old expected to be a super star in rugby union and when it didn’t happen, he left.

“Sam came to tell me that he wasn’t sure if he was enjoying union enough, that he missed his family, that he had a short career and that he wanted to make sure that he enjoyed it, ” Ford said.

“I told him that he was just suffering a World Cup hangover and to go away and think about it all.

“He did, and he went back to league.


“He had found it much harder than he thought.

“He was used to being the Pied Piper figure in league and maybe he figured it would soon be the same in union. It wasn’t.

“Sam realised that it was a major project, and perhaps that he might never get the recognition he enjoyed in league.

“So, back he went. It was very disappointing.”

The comments are the latest in a string of criticisms from Ford, who also reiterated his belief that Burgess should not have been selected by England coach Stuart Lancaster for the World Cup.

Ford said England lost control of Burgess because club and country had differing opinions on what position he should play.

“No, Sam wasn’t ready (for the World Cup),” Ford said.

“He shouldn’t have been picked in the World Cup squad in the first place.

“He couldn’t get in our team at centre and there he was starting against Wales.”

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