We all know rugby is the best sport in the world, but not only is it fantastic to watch and play, it also helps develop these traits in players…

1.Hard work

There is absolutely no hiding out on a rugby pitch, every player has to ensure they are involved in both the defensive and offensive line to avoid leaving any gaps that may be exploited by the opposition. This means every single player on a rugby team has to learn to work hard throughout a game, no matter what position they play in.


In a similar vein to hard work, determination is also a key trait in players. It isn’t always easy to get up and challenge for the ball having just collided at full speed with your opposition number who can often be significantly bigger than you. Getting up and making a play whilst every part of you aches like crazy takes a special kind of determination.


3.Team work

Unlike other sports where an individual player can almost single handedly win a game, in all but the rarest cases rugby players must work as a unit in order to succeed. From the forwards winning the ball to the backs using it effectively, everyone must play their part in order for the team to succeed as a unit.


Whether it be deferring to the referee’s (often wrong) decision, or clapping your opponents off the pitch at the end of the game, rugby breeds a culture of respect. It is only when you’ve seen a 6’9” 20st lock deferring to a 5’6” 9st nothing referee that you begin to realise just how vital respect is to the overall culture of rugby.



I can honestly say in all my years of playing rugby I have never known someone to run out onto the pitch without carrying the odd niggly injury from years ago that often requires a support or strapping most games. This kind of resilience is rarely shown in other sports where players seem more than happy to miss games for the slightest hint of an injury.


If you can effectively communicate with your teammates whilst running full pelt at the opposition in the middle of a game whilst it’s absolutely pi**ing it down, you’re going to find any other form of communication pretty simple. By having to work as a unit of 15 throughout the game you quickly learn to communicate with those around you even under intense pressure.