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If you’re anything like me, you may be getting sick of only being able to get your hands on the latest synthetic versions of modern rugby shirts. It seems almost impossible to get your hands on classic cotton rugby shirts that don’t feel like they were made from cardboard.

The rise of the synthetic shirt has become an increasingly common problem amongst rugby fans, especially for some of the older blokes who seem to be struggling with increasingly prop-like physiques that just aren’t conducive to tighter fitting shirts.

Fortunately someone has finally taken the bull by the proverbial horns and answered the prayers of most rugby fans. The guys at Toffs have created a range of international replica rugby shirts that not only look fantastic, but also fit well.

Made from 100% cotton in a classic style, I found myself going to all of the Scotland games in my Toffs replica rather than the synthetic shirt I’d bought up in Murrayfield a couple of years ago. It was particularly pleasing being able to go into some of the bars and restaurants after a game without having to worry about contravening ‘dress codes’ because I was wearing sporting attire.

Unlike a lot of other cotton rugby shirts, Toffs range aren’t unnecessarily heavy and the collars aren’t so stiff as to be uncomfortable should you opt to turn them up. In fact, I was so happy with the shirt they sent over that I have already ordered myself another.

My biggest complaint about them at the moment however is that the range simply isn’t big enough. If they could just sort out some club versions, and maybe even a Lions shirt for 2017 it’s fair to say they wouldn’t have too much trouble parting me from my money.

You can view the full range here.