Danny Care is still mystified as to how he ended up as a bit-part player in England’s failed World Cup campaign.

“I was obviously really disappointed to drop from first choice to third choice overnight,” Care said. “I didn’t really understand the decision behind it and it did hurt. I felt like I would have added a bit if they had given me a chance but it wasn’t to be. I just felt I didn’t deserve for that to happen to me. I did not feel I had played badly enough for that to happen. In the two games I felt I had done OK against two of the best teams in the world. I think that one mistake was maybe the one that killed me.


“The coaches have got people knocking on their door the whole time to play and I am currently in that position. The decision to knock me down from first to third I have queried a lot with the coaches. They just said the other lads deserved a chance.

“I think at the time Youngs was second choice and Wiggy was third and I seemed to get shunted down to third, which I thought was harsh. I was in a very frustrating position not being able to help the team. I felt I could offer them something that they did not really have at the time.”

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