The increasing physicality of rugby means that for players, taking supplements is becoming an ever more important part of the game. The importance of supplements is not to be underestimated as players look to develop lean muscle mass to deal with the physical demands of the game. Here are the top five supplements we would recommend all players to keep in their kit bag;

1.Protein Shakes

Just about every rugby player around these days currently consumes a protein shake after training and games, and for good reason. Protein shakes are an ideal way to provide your body with an extra hit of protein, without extra calories just when you need it most. A good protein shake will not only help increase lean muscle mass, but also aid your recovery.


Creatine is one of the most widely researched sports nutrition supplements around, and is becoming increasingly prominent across rugby. There are no known side effects and creatine has shown to help aid the body’s ability to cope with increased physical demands. By helping buffer lactic acid in your muscles, creatine helps you to train harder for longer. You can always do an online research, go to sites like Supps R Us to know more about creatine supplements.


Zinc and magnesium pills are some of the most underrated supplements around. A good ZMA supplement is ideal for promoting deep sleep and is therefore the perfect aid to recovery. Studies have shown ZMA can help increase the pace of recovery by reducing muscle soreness when it has been damaged by intense exercise.

4.Fish Oils

It’s not just your muscles you should be worrying about, but also your joints as a rugby player. Regularly taking a fish oil supplement is the perfect way to ensure you are keeping your joints in the best possible shape. The healthy fats within fish oils have also shown to have a range of other health benefits.

5.Greens Powder

Greens powders are the perfect way to ensure you are getting a healthy hit of vitamins and minerals everyday, especially when you struggle to eat fruit and veg. It may not taste too great (unless you go for a flavoured option), but it is much easier than eating bags of spinach. It will also help to ensure gut health, meaning you can properly absorb the key nutrients.

There are a whole range of other supplements you may want to consider such as beta alanine, pre-workouts or BCAA’s, however, we would recommend the above five supplements as the key starting point for any aspiring rugby players.