With World Rugby today confirming Craig Joubert got the last minute penalty decision wrong, we think they should replay the final two minutes of the game.

At first this may sound like a totally ridiculous idea, however it does have precedent. Earlier this year, UEFA announced the English and Norwegian Women’s U19 teams should replay the final seconds of their game after the referee was adjudged to have made a mistake.


The fact World Rugby have felt the need to come out and publicly clarify the decision was wrong shows the how big of a cock up there was. Referee’s get decisions wrong all the time, but it is rare at such a key moment in a game as big as this.

The reality is that Joubert was under pressure to make a quick decision and was unable to use the TMO so cannot be criticised too heavily. However now we know the decision was wrong and ultimately cost Scotland a place in the semi finals, maybe there is time to review?

We aren’t expecting anything to happen, but by liking and sharing this post we may just kick World Rugby into action to make some changes that ensure this never happens again!