The Rugby Football Union will consider the option of playing an England international in Manchester following the success of Saturday’s victory over Uruguay.

The hosts’ World Cup exit had already been confirmed by defeats to Wales and Australia but they were still greeted by a sold-out crowd at Manchester City Stadium that came alive when a series of tries was run in during the second half.

Stephen Brown, England 2015 managing director and chief financial officer for the RFU, insists the occasion and the potential benefit for rugby in the north had been noted in the corridors of power at Twickenham.


“It was an amazing success and the welcome we got from Manchester was unbelievable, full of buzz about what was taking place,” Brown said. “I believe that was as much because England were playing in Manchester as it was because it was a World Cup match.

“It’s a commercial challenge hosting a game in someone else’s stadium compared to your own, it’s a different kind of arrangement. But the case has been made for us considering more games in the north if and when we can accommodate that.

“There’s no question that it’s the right part of the country to be celebrating rugby and that’s why we took England to Manchester in the first place. It’s a part of the world where we want to engage more people.In my personal opinion it’s a good thing and I’m sure discussions will take place.”

Brown revealed that he will take no part in the review of England’s World Cup failure due to his role overseeing delivery of the tournament.