england rugby fans

After England’s disappointing World Cup exit at the hands of Australia, thousands of Englishmen have reportedly begun claiming Welsh heritage.

Some fans have even gone as far as to purchase the services of national historians to look through their family trees in a bid to find any tangible Welsh lineage.

Guy Smithson from Suffolk claimed “our family historian Marvin found that my Great Great Grandfather on my mothers side once spent the night in Cardiff which makes me as Welsh as I am English, if not more so”

Guy went on to tell us how he has already ordered the new Welsh shirt ‘on the line’ and intends to purchase one of those ‘daffodil hats’ to show the world his true Welsh heritage.


Elsewhere Tim Locke a manager at a Sports Direct store in Manchester has claimed his team can hardly cope with the number of customers attempting to swap their charred England shirts for Welsh ones.

“They’re literally queuing out the door trying to get their hands on these bloody Wales shirts. We had to have a new shipment in overnight just to keep up with the demand.

Unfortunately we cannot swap the shirts for customers who have attempted to burn them, however people are still continuing to buy the Wales shirts anyway, even if we have put a 150% mark up on them”.

There are reports that Welsh shirt sales in England have already outstripped those in Wales in the past 24 hours as distraught England fans are desperately left clamouring for a team to support through the knockout stages of the Rugby World Cup.