What goes on behind the scenes before and after a rugby game is often very different to what you see out on the pitch, here are 7 types of people you come across…


Every changing room has one. The bawler can be heard over everyone else in the changing room and is always shouting out something motivational or banging on things. They are great at getting some players worked up, but cause others to retreat into their shells.


There’s always that one player who no matter what they do cannot sit still. It seems like they’re going to have used all their energy stores before the game has even begun, but they are simply doing whatever they can to distract themselves from the game ahead.


The ritualist spends the entirety of their time before a game going through every pre-match ritual conceivable. From putting their kit on in a certain order, to ensuring they have the exact same hook every time, the ritualist can drive other less understanding players crazy.



Everyone deals with nerves differently, but in the case of the chatterer, they don’t seem capable of shutting up…at all. Filling every possible silence with some inane comment in a bid to distract themselves from what is to come whilst winding everyone else up at the same time.

5.Thousand Yard Stare

Someone who is so calm before a game that they may as well not be there. Happy to sit in total silence for hours before a game, they may as well not be there for all the input they have during the team’s pre-match ritual, but come game time, that all changes,

6.At Ease

Whilst some players may feign being relaxed, the At Ease is so loose and relaxed that they’re pretty much horizontal before a game. Absolutely nothing can get them worked up, meaning they can often have a calming influence on other players in the dressing room.


Inevitably there is always that one player who forgets an essential bit of kit (every week). Fortunately, every team has that one person who always has three of everything meaning that there are never any problems with missing kit.