Many football fans will turn their noses up at the thought of rugby, but here’s 11 reasons why they should watch a game at the Rugby World Cup…

1.You might actually enjoy yourself

Believe it or not, there’s a reason the Rugby World Cup is the third biggest sporting event in the world. From the booming hits, to the sublime steps, there’s entertainment in it for everyone.

2.You’ll actually get to speak to rival fans

Instead of being segregated before, during and after a game, you’ll likely be sat next to opposition fans who you can have a civil chat to meaning you get a different perspective on the game.

3.It’s a chance to watch an actual contact sport

Although football still claims to be a contact sport, the reality is the slightest hint of contact is penalised these days – you’ll find quite the opposite in rugby though.

4.There won’t be any nil nils

Yes not every game is a thriller, but you can guarantee that you won’t see any games where teams try to play out a nil nil draw when there’s nothing to lose.


5.You’ll learn what respect is

The players will actually listen to what the referee has to say, and respond with a yes sir instead of running up to him at every opportunity to complain.

6.You can actually have a beer whilst you watch the game

Unlike in many modern football stadiums, you can actually take your pint into the stand with you and enjoy it whilst you watch the game in rugby.

7.It’s family friendly

You’re unlikely to find any crowd trouble and people using foul language is rare making it an ideal entertainment option for taking your kids to.

8.Correct decisions

Rugby, unlike football, have actually used technology to its fullest and are employing it to ensure that referee’s make correct decisions wherever possible instead of having to guess.


9.You’ll see what integrity looks like

There’s no chance of seeing players rolling around on the floor trying to con referee’s into penalties, and when a player gets carded they’ll take it without complaint.

10.The players actually want to represent their country

Unlike in football, it’s not just about the money, players genuinely want to represent their country and see it as a much greater honour than playing for any club.

11.There’s nothing like the real thing

Watching it on TV is one thing, but seeing the size of the players up close, and hearing the spine shuddering hits from the back row of a packed stadium is something else.