There is currently a trial in Welsh rugby that is resulting in try scoring teams receiving six points instead of the usual five which could soon catch on around the world.

The scheme has already received the backing of a number of influential figures including All Black legends Buck Shelford and Stu Wilson. Although the trial is yet to receive World Rugby’s approval, there is a growing sense amongst those at the top of the game that something needs to be done to make rugby more open and attacking.

Wilson agreed that higher incentives for tries would make the game both more interesting to watch and more fun for the players.

“We’ve been talking about this for 20 years.”

“The players love it. It’s running rugby you know, you’re forced to actually attack. You can’t sit back.”


“Spectators would love it, media would love it, television would love it, sponsors would love it, it benefits everyone. Probably the only downside is the referees would need to be much fitter.”

He said the Welsh Rugby Union’s proposal was a good start, but said changes should be made to other rules as well, to simplify the game and make things easier for referees to call.

“If they’re going to change the points for a try they should look at changing the entire bloody rule book at the same time and reduce it from 10 million pages to four.”

Wilson was under no illusion change would come quickly, even if World Rugby approves the trial.

“It could take ten years to change it.

“Unless they fast track it through, but you still have to take it to the international rugby board, you have to vote … to try and get a rule change in the game of rugby you have to wait until there’s a new pope in town.”

“[But] it’s a good start.”

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