With the Rugby World Cup kicking off in a matter of weeks, we take a look at seven things every rugby fan should do during the tournament…

1.Attend a game

Ok, it may not be viable if you live halfway across the world, but if there’s any way at all of you attending a game, I would urge you to get involved. Yes the ticket prices are steep, but even if you go to a game between two minnows for £20, at least you’ll get the opportunity to suck up the atmosphere of one of sports greatest spectacles.

2.Watch a team you don’t support

Although you are always going to back your team to win, it’s also highly recommended to back a second team, either because they may actually do well in the tournament, or because they play a great brand of rugby – they may even help your team make it through the groups stages.


3.Take a friend to a game

There is no better opportunity to take a friend to a game than at the Rugby World Cup. They may be hesitant at first, but now is your opportunity to convert them to rugby and ensure that they keep going to games with you long after the World Cup is over.

4.Tell as many people as possible about it

It is our job as rugby fans to ensure that the World Cup reaches as many people as possible. I’m not talking about ramming it down co-workers throats, but there’s no harm in making sure they’re aware of it and encouraging them to try and watch a couple of games.

5.Register your fantasy team

The latest ESPN Fantasy game has now been launched so make sure to get involved and select your fantasy team.There’s always plenty of friendly rivalry, so register here and join the In The Loose league with code 1120224-2667.


6.Watch a game with a rival fan

Watching a game alongside rival fans is a great way to gain a new perspective on a match, whilst also being able to have some great banter. It always feels like there’s more riding on a game when you’re sat next to someone supporting the opposition.


The greatest thing about being a rugby fan is that we mingle. So get down to the local, or get to a game and talk to other fans (no matter who they support) and make sure you enjoy the whole experience, and maybe even make some new friends.