With the World Cup just around the corner, the fantasy leagues will soon be live when it’s inevitable you will experience some or all of the below…

1.Props are sooo boring

We all know we need them, but can we not just skip this part and go straight to the wingers who might actually score us some points?

2.You will wish there weren’t restrictions

Whose great idea was it to restrict the number of players per team? Surely it would make sense just to select a squad full of All Blacks?

3.There will be drop outs

At least one person in your mini league will have stopped bothering by the end of the first round of fixtures.


4.There will be surprises

Somehow the guy who selected that winger from Namibia you’d never heard of is absolutely bossing your mini league.

5.Someone will take it far too seriously

There is always that one person who obsesses over selections at every round, spending hours choosing their team.

6.You will forget all about your team

Somehow half your XV aren’t even playing this week because you totally forgot to change the England players in your team when they play Uruguay.


7.Suddenly boring games become really interesting

Scotland vs USA suddenly becomes a really interesting fixture as you find yourself cheering on Stuart Hogg and Samu Manoa.

8.You will cheat on your real-life team

England fans may secretly cheer on Wales as they desperately hope George North scores to help boost this weeks score.