We’ve all been there. But despite the rain, mud and dodgy refs, we wouldn’t change our love for playing rugby…

1.Realising why turning up to training is actually quite important

Continual missed line outs and failed backs moves make you realise why maybe training might be worthwhile

2.Having a ref that’s too old to keep up with play

Is there any point in even having them here?

3.Getting told you’re running the line today

Turning up to play rugby, only to find you’re running up and down the line holding a flag

4.Having to play with 14 on a Saturday afternoon

“I got out of bed…FOR THIS?”

5.The sitter

You’re passed the ball two metres out with a clear run at the line only to cock it up

6.Only having one working shower

And even then it’s f*****g freezing


7.The heartbreak of losing your best ball mid-game


8.Having a dog run on the pitch

At least it runs more than the props

9.Having the wind against you in the second half

You’re already knackered and now you’ve got to deal with the wind making everything twice as hard

10.Misjudging a high ball

“I’ve got it….no I haven’t…”

11.The Stinger

Ball hits face on a cold winters day hurting more than any tackle!

12.Playing on a pitch with a ludicrously steep hill

Especially when the wind is against you…


13.Making that face after a dodgy tackle


14.The accidental magic

Somehow you just burst through three tackles and now don’t know what to do with yourself