I’m sure that anyone active on social media especially Twitter will have seen the #WearTheRose hashtag.  So, what’s it all about?  O2 as sponsors of the England team are building support for the boys!  One big part of that has been the ‘recruitment’ of 100 rugby crazy people.

All ages, shapes, sizes – men and women.  They’re being tasked with spreading the word, being set a series of challenges all involving the #WearTheRose moniker.  I’m lucky enough to be one of the 100 and spent a fair amount of the down time at the Oval persuading cricket fans to don an England shirt and speak into my camera – by which of course I mean my phone!


I’m very proud of my persuasive powers, I managed to get 18 videos including a Welshman in the shirt and 7, yes 7 Australians!  I must confess the Welshman looked as if the shirt was burning his skin and a couple of the Aussies really took persuading! But all in all it was great fun!

Others in the group have cajoled, gently, family members, friends, colleagues and this week people ranging from an Ice Hockey player, a whole Ice Hockey team and a golfer!  Personally I’m even wearing the shirt!  Highly unusual to say the least!  Support is building!


There are certainly some unusual things going on, but they maybe don’t quite meet the mark of the Wear The Rose Live event at the O2 arena.  Now, what could this be?  Well basically it involves Take That, the very lovely and talented Soprano Laura Wright and the 2014 Britain’s Got Talent Winner Collabro.  Take That will be performing with a 48 piece orchestra in a show whose creative director is Kim Gavin, who choreographed and directed the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony.



What does all this have to do with rugby I hear you say – well the full England Rugby team, coaches and backroom staff will be there, with players taking part in live interviews on the night.  This is the chance for an audience of 14,500 to get behind the squad and give them a huge boost before their first game kicks off 9 days later.

This is a unique event for which tickets are still available – follow the link below and you can be there to send the boys into the biggest rugby tournament to take place in English Rugby history.