Although we all pretty much have our favourite team dictated to us by where we were born, however that shouldn’t stop us holding a soft spot for another team, here’s why we think it should be Fiji…

1.They play rugby the right way

They aren’t know as the Flying Fijians for nothing. Some of the most entertaining international games in recent memory have seen Fiji lining up on one side of the pitch as they attempt to run the ball from their own 22 with some audacious offloads for good measure.

2.They will dictate who makes it out of the pool of death

Fiji have been drawn in a pool with England, Australia and Wales meaning they will have a hand in deciding which of these tier 1 nations doesn’t even make the quarters. If that isn’t enough of an incentive to cheer them on then I don’t know what is.


3.They hit hard

They may play an exciting and expansive brand of rugby, but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid of getting stuck in. You can rest assured that the Fijian players will be featuring in some World Cup big hits compilations such is the ferocity of their tackling.

4.They play with a smile on their faces

Whilst most of the top nations will spend the entire World Cup with permanently sour faces (unless of course they win the thing), you can guarantee that the Fijians will be running out with massive smiles on their faces as they clearly love rugby.


5.They have some world class talent

They may not be a team of star names, but in the likes of Nemani Nadolo they have some genuinely world class players who could help them spring a surprise or two. Who wouldn’t love to see Fiji make it out of Pool A after all?

6.They do it on a fraction of the budget of tier 1 nations

Whilst the likes of England and France are able to throw seemingly endless amounts of money behind their team, the Fijians will be coming to the World Cup with a shoestring budget, and you can guarantee their players aren’t there for the money.