You don’t have to be mad about rugby to be best friends with a rugby player (although it helps), here’s seven reasons why it’s easy…

1.They know how to have fun

A huge part of being on a rugby team is the social side of things, so you can guarantee if you’re spending time in the company of a rugby player then it’s not likely to be boring.

2.They’re definite team players

The great thing about being friends with a rugby player is that you can spend time with them just the two of you, or go out as a group and still have a great time


3.They are inspirational

Rugby players don’t take s**t from anyone and live their lives to the fullest, seeking out new opportunities whenever possible.

4.They’ve got your back

Whatever the situation, you can be sure your rugby mate has your back – just look at what happens when a scrap starts on the rugby pitch.

5.They’re not afraid to make a t*t of themselves

Whether it be stupid fancy dress or dodgy dancing, you can guarantee that your rugby playing mate will be the first to get stuck in.


6.They won’t be afraid to put you in your place

If you’re being a bit of a d**k for whatever reason, you can guarantee that your rugby playing mate will have no problem at all telling you so.

7.They love rugby

It can sometimes be difficult finding other people as interested in rugby as you are so having a rugby playing mate is always a huge bonus.