I, like I’m sure many others reading this love supporting England, however there are certain reasons why being an English rugby fan sucks…

1.Getting hold of tickets

Unless you’re a corporate sponsor or debenture holder, good luck getting hold of tickets to games at Twickenham for any games that actually matter. Sometimes it feels like there’s a better chance of winning the lottery and paying for corporate hospitality than there is of getting a ticket.

2.The prices

If by some stroke of luck you do manage to get hold of a ticket to a match at Twickenham, you better be prepared to remortgage your house to pay for it, and don’t even get me started on the multiple kits being released every year with eye watering price tags attached.



3.New ‘fans’

One of the greatest things about going to the rugby was mingling with fellow fans who loved the game. Unfortunately in recent years we’ve seen an influx of new ‘fans’’ who have little regard for traditions, and are instead more interested in getting drunk and heckling players and officials.

4.Lack of coverage

Unless you fancy splashing out for Sky coverage then good luck seeing any England games outside of the Six Nations. It also seems rugby is well down the pecking order with a total lack of coverage of the upcoming Rugby World Cup in the mainstream media.


5.Being hated by everyone

We’re all for a bit of friendly banter, but sometimes it can get boring always being the answer to the question ‘who do you want to beat this year?’. In many ways it’s a veiled compliment, but it can get pretty tiresome, especially if England are beaten by a ‘bitter rival’.

6.Everything is London-centric

Unless you live in London it can be extremely difficult following England given they only ever play at Twickenham. Unlike the Southern Hemisphere giants who travel around the country for home games, England fans only ever have one option (apart from a game against Uruguay).