Whilst rugby has many similarities to other sports, there are a number of ways in which it is entirely unique…

1.The variation

It doesn’t matter whether you’re old and fat or young and lanky, in rugby there will always be a place for you. The variety of positions and roles within a team means that individuals from all backgrounds will always fit in, and there’s always the opportunity to try something different.

2.The love and hate relationship

It’s not that we love rugby some times and hate it at others, but that we literally love and hate the sport at the same time. You can often feel an overwhelming sense of relief when practice is cancelled, only to then have an empty feeling when you don’t know what to do with yourself instead.


3.The camaraderie

Whether it be amongst team mates, or with the opposition, rugby develops an incredible sense of camaraderie that means fellow rugby players are more than likely also your best friends. In no other sport can you batter the hell out of each other then share a pint after a game.

4.The battle scars

Sure, plenty of other sports leave you battered and bruised after a game, but there aren’t many other sports that leave players with long lasting marks like cauliflower ears, or a nose pointing in three different directions at once.



Yes football has 5-a-side, but no other sport in the world has a short-form game that attracts such a huge audience. The rise in the popularity of sevens has been phenomenal, and has even seen it included in the 2016 Rio Olympics.