For me, there is currently no venue on earth that compares to the Millennium Stadium when it comes to watching rugby, here’s why…

1.The Location

Having the national stadium situated right in the centre of the capital meant the Millennium was already on to a winner. You can walk straight out of the local bars, restaurants or shops and be in the stadium in a matter of minutes. This gives you a fantastic opportunity to meet other fans and discuss all things rugby given everyone is walking in together.

2.The Atmosphere

The atmosphere outside of the stadium is awesome thanks to fans of both teams mingling inside (and outside) all of the surrounding pubs and bars, but when you get inside it’s really something else. The steep stands help ensure the atmosphere isn’t lost, whilst there’s no doubting that the Welsh fans know how to sing and cheer.


3.The Fans

Having been to the Millennium on a number of occasions, I can confirm that the Welsh fans are amongst the friendliest around and are never afraid to engage in a bit of light hearted banter. There also seems to be a distinct lack of k***s unlike at grounds such as Twickenham which attracts idiots with more money than sense.


Being slap bag in the centre of the city means that getting in and out of the stadium itself is pretty easy. Unlike other stadiums where you can seemingly queue for hours to get in or out, the Millennium gets fans in and out pretty sharpish. There is also a train station right next to it further improving the access.


5.The Prices

You would hardly call the ticket prices cheap, however in comparison to many other international venues the Millennium still remains within the price bracket of the ‘average fan’. This all adds to the other points meaning that the stadium is packed with real rugby fans who are there to watch the game itself.