Twickenham pub and bar owners have criticised police for announcing they would close at 22:00 BST on the night of an international rugby match.

The Met’s advice meant some licensed businesses missed out on the benefits of Saturday’s England v France game.

Twickenham business owner Rob Heyward described it as “a disgrace” and said it could affect licensees if the same happens during the Rugby World Cup.

Richmond Council said the closures were part of a voluntary arrangement.

The Metropolitan Police made a stadium announcement during the World Cup warm-up match which England won 19-14 to say people may not be admitted to venues after 22:00 in an attempt to “try and ensure the impact on local residents and the community was kept to a minimum”.


But landlord Barbara Wardell said some of her fellow publicans closed their doors at 22:00 at the request of the police and “lost out on massive amounts of money”.

Mr Heyward, a member of Kings Cross Steelers rugby club, said: “It suits the police but it doesn’t suit local businesses. I think local businesses should be allowed to take advantage of the opportunity it provides.”

The brewery Fuller’s, which runs some venues in the area, also raised concerns about the legislation and the impact on hospitality and tourism.


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