If you’re thinking of joining a women’s rugby team, then you may want to familiarise yourself with the below…

1.Playing rugby does not make you a lesbian

Hard to believe, I know

2.You will however become closer to the other girls on your team than you thought possible

You’ll learn to love it though, don’t worry

3.You’d better be able to hold your drink

Or at least be willing to give it a go


4.You will be asked it you’re in an abusive relationship

Stud marks here, black eyes there, it’s all part of the game

5.You’ll get to know even the most intimate details about your teammates

From bodily functions to the details of their personal life, it’ll all come out

6.Friends and family will eventually just get used to your injuries

Eventually people will just stop asking why you’re limping


7.You will forever been known as a ‘rugby girl’

Wear it like a badge of honour because it isn’t going anywhere

8.You will never regret it

You’ll make new friends and have an awesome time in the process

Welcome to the family…