Rugby is rapidly gaining a foothold in America right now, and rugby sevens could be the key that unlocks the market, here’s why…

1.It’s simple

Unlike standard XV man rugby, sevens is a much simpler game meaning new fans can begin to enjoy the spectacle without having to learn the technicalities, or understand the nuances of the set pieces.

2.The USA are pretty good

Having claimed their first ever title last year, the USA sevens side is continuing to improve on the global stage. As with any other sport, success often breeds more success, and we all know fans love nothing more than winning


To rugby purists, nothing will ever beat a scrappy game on a boggy pitch, but to new fans, the spectacle of regular line breaks, sprints for the line and multiple tries should be more than enough to get them excited.


4.Big hits

Although sevens may be a more open game, there is still plenty of room for the monster hits we have become accustomed to in rugby. These massive hits may just help get some NFL fans to take a bit more notice.

5.Carlin Isles

Ok, so he sucked at XV’s but there’s no doubting that Isles is a sevens star. Being able to put a face to the brand like Isles will always be a key selling point, and may help other track and field athletes transition over.

6.There are teams everywhere

Whilst the USA struggles to establish a professional XV’s league, it seems almost every local college is starting a sevens team these days which is sure to increase support, but also helps uncover new players.


7.The spectacle

One thing sevens does fantastically well is creating a carnival like atmosphere both in the stands, and for those watching at home. Cheerleaders, commercial breaks and fancy dress themes can all help it appeal to new audiences.

8.The Olympics

With the Olympics just over a year away, now is the perfect time to begin promoting sevens to a wider audience in the USA, especially if their national team can make a decent attempt at claiming a medal.