We love rugby and all that comes with it, but there are certain things that will frustrate even the most ardent of rugby players…


Look, this isn’t tiddlywinks, injuries are going to happen. That being said, it doesn’t make them frustrating as hell. They can interrupt your season just as you’re getting into your flow, and cause you to miss key games which will drive you nuts.

2.Dropping the ball

Even the greats do it, but that doesn’t stop you wanting to scream at everyone and everything whenever you do it. You’ll inevitably have the p**s taken out of you by the rest of your team, but you will still remain your harshest critic.


3.Fussy referees

Referees are there to do a job, and for the most part they do a fantastic job of managing overly complex laws. Every so often though, one total anti-christ comes along who penalises for the most minor of misdemeanours and totally ruins the flow of a game.

4.Team who don’t want to play

The great thing about rugby is that the vast majority of those involved are there for the total love of the game and to have a laugh. Every so often though, teams will come along who don’t want to play rugby and often resort to underhand tactics.


5.Organising a team

Unless you’re playing at an elite level, you will have experienced the difficulty of getting at least 15 players together for a game. Whether it’s players being unavailable, crying off at the last minute, or just not turning up, it frustrates everyone.

6.Games being cancelled

Whether it be as a result of sh**ty weather or because the opposition can’t get 15 players together, having a game called off will frustrate everyone. It’s especially frustrating if it’s a last minute thing as you’ve already got yourself psyched up.