All Blacks winger Waiseke Naholo could be back in Rugby World Cup contention after reports say he is making a miraculous recovery from his broken leg.

Naholo suffered a cracked fibula on his New Zealand debut in July and the original prognosis saw him ruled out of the forthcoming World Cup. However, reports in the Fiji Times say he journeyed back to Nadroumai Village in Fiji to see his uncle Isei Naiova for some traditional treatment and has since lost his limp.

Reports say Naholo underwent four days of herbal treatment and is now back in light training.

“When I first touched his leg I could feel his bones were damaged,” said Naiova. “I later applied traditional leaves which were removed after four days and as we took the leaves off, I noticed the injury was gone.

“This healing has been performed by our forefathers and has been passed down from generation to generation. It is a gift from God.


“His injury is just minor unlike others who have come here barely able to walk and are carried by their relatives to be healed. I am confident with the treatment we have done, he [Naholo] can feature at the World Cup if selected for the All Blacks in spite of the three month recovery period given by the New Zealand doctors.”

Naholo added: “Growing up here in the village, this was nothing new. I have seen it happen to people and even rugby players who came here and were healed. I believed in it as well and I think it will help in my recovery too. “The movement of my leg is much stronger and after the first treatment, I am walking quite well compared to how I was when I got here.

“If I get the chance to be selected again for the World Cup I will be ready but for the time being I will just have to keep on working hard off the field as there are many top class wingers in the team that are there not just to make the numbers. They all mean business.

“I am still new and learning from them and it’s a strange situation to be in because they are like my teachers and, at the same time, my competitors.”