Those of you attending the QBE Internationals and this years’ World Cup warm up games will be very used to seeing QBE Insurance associated with The Rugby Football Union – An obvious thing to see and remember, but as with all these things there’s a whole lot more to this partnership.

With the Rugby World Cup being held in England and Wales there was an ideal opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.  And so the 2,015 new coaches in 2015 was launched – The programme was established to ensure the game in England has enough quality coaches to welcome new players and encourage them to stay within the sport.

England Head Coach, Stuart Lancaster commented “the 2,015 new coaches will have a fundamental impact on grassroots rugby in this country. It’s a fantastic initiative and an incredible legacy to leave.”

2,015 for 2015 - QBE Coaching Club

That legacy reached its milestone on August 6th – Thanks to QBE’s commitment and investment, the initiative has increased the number of Level 2 coaches in England by 25%. The 2,015 coaches trained through the QBE Coaching Club will positively impact 50,000 players across the country. Over the next four years over one million hours of coaching will be delivered by QBE coaches, which if it were being paid for would equate to £20 million. 96% of coaches work alongside other coaches, so it is expected that there will be a knowledge transfer from the 2,015 QBE coaches to over 4,000 other coaches across the country, increasing the overall impact of the QBE Coaching Club on community rugby.

As someone who watches a lot of sport of many varieties it seems to me that the lasting legacy from the Olympics can be seen at many sporting venues in the shape of volunteers of all shapes and sizes. The 2,015 in 2015 will not only help to grow this great game of rugby by ensuring that high quality coaching is in place.  I’d say that’s key for a game that can be challenging at times, many have told me how they’ve walked away from the game due to early experiences.

This is a wonderful feat with business and sport coming together to encourage greater participation.  The enthusiasm for the project can be seen by the following quote from those involved.




RFU Rugby Development Director Steve Grainger said: “This is such an exciting year for rugby and we’re delighted to have achieved our target, working with QBE Insurance, of recruiting and training 2,015 new Level 2coaches. We put this programme in place back in 2012 because coaching is a crucial factor in developing, sustaining and increasing participation in our sport. With the world cup here in England the spotlight will be on rugby and we want to ensure that we have enough coaches in place to deal with what we hope will be an influx of new players into rugby. This success will be an important factor in helping to continue to grow rugby across the nation.”

Richard Pryce, Chief Executive Officer at QBE commented “QBE Insurance has worked in partnership with the RFU to develop the QBE Coaching Club – a 2015 legacy programme to mitigate the risk of not having a quality coaching infrastructure in place that helps keep players in the game. We are proud to announce that we have now recruited and trained 2,015 new Level 2 coaches for 2015 and that these new coaches will help to capture young players, keeping them engaged through quality coaching and in turn help to improve long term participation in the sport.”

And a final word from Hannah Haywood, a QBE coach said “Coaching has always been a passion of mine. I decided to take the QBE Coaching Club course when the ladies team at my local club were struggling to find a coach. I decided to become qualified and coach the team myself. The 2,015 for 2015 initiative is great. Coaching courses can be expensive, especially as so many have an upfront cost. As the course has been funded by QBE Insurance, it means it’s so much more accessible to those who would like to learn how to coach and help teach the next generation of players.”

Who knows one of these coaches may spot an England star of the future!