rugby parents

Being a rugby parent often involves a great deal of sacrifice for your child, but here are nine reasons why I would never give it up…

1.Hard work

They have an incredible work ethic and don’t rely on raw talent, instead they work hard to improve themselves and this translates into other aspects of their life too.


As well as working hard for themselves, they also have to learn to work hard as part of a team and make sure they are all moving towards the same goal.


With teamwork comes the friendships that inevitably blossom when a number of kids get together on a regular basis with obvious common ground.



For many rugby doesn’t come naturally, whether it’s a lack of skill or size naturally, but in the end they get there through not taking no for an answer.


Let’s face it, if they can keep their nerve whilst playing in a winner takes all cup game, then they can handle pretty much anything life throws at them.


Not just physically, but mentally as well. Playing rugby builds kids toughness and ensures they won’t be pushed around by anything or anyone.



Given the physical nature of rugby, you can guarantee the kids will be sleeping well after any game or training session.

8.Goal Setting

When playing rugby, it’s important for them to continually have a goal to work towards so that they can measure their progress.


One of the core components of rugby is respect, and this ensures that kids remain honest with their coaches, parents and team mates.