rugby yoga

It may not be considered the toughest of sports, but yoga is becoming an increasingly important aspect of rugby training, and here’s why…


Yoga is a fantastic way of making yourself more flexible, thereby increasing your mobility by increasing your range of motion and lengthening muscle tissue whilst stabilising a joint forming greater integrity and strength.


By regularly performing yoga, you can build a great deal of functional strength that focuses on developing both the upper and lower body in a dynamic and static manner. It is also fantastic for developing a strong core.


3.Body awareness

No this isn’t some spiritual bulls**t, more about knowing what your extremities are doing at any single moment. By developing a greater awareness of what your body is doing, you are able to make technical changes with greater ease.

4.Ease of movement

Yoga teaches the skill of breathing which allows you to perform with effort whilst at the same time moving with ease. Learning to breath in coordination with movement allows us to perform in a much more relaxed state.


Tightness is a common issue in rugby players which severely restricts mobility. Whilst yoga helps ease these issues, the style of yoga can also be tailored to be less strenuous on the body, whilst helping ease the aches and pains after a game.


6.Injury prevention

By developing mobility, strength and body awareness through regular yoga sessions, you can help to significantly reduce the risk of picking up injuries. Yoga is a great way of both preventing and rehabilitating injuries.

7.The mental game

Once again, we’re not talking about spiritual learnings, but with an increasing emphasis on the mental aspect of rugby, the ability of players to learn to control their emotions before a game is a huge bonus of regular yoga sessions.