England’s rugby players have been warned not to use Twitter “after a tough defeat” as part of social media guidelines issued by the Rugby Football Union for this year’s World Cup.

The 24 point guide provides some of the most worryingly obvious guidelines imaginable to England players ahead of the Rugby World Cup, with some particular ‘highlights’ below;


The RFUs top five social media dos and don’ts

Do not post when you are in a bad mood or immediately after a tough loss.

Fans of other teams or other players may try to provoke you via social media. Do not react to this.

Do not post pictures of drinking, smoking, nudity or while driving – that is illegal.

If you enjoy a good win or achieve a personal milestone, take 30 seconds to tweet a “thank you” to the fans who were there to cheer for you or support you online.

Share photos when the team takes part in community projects and any other interesting insights into your life as a professional rugby player, but be mindful of private team areas which should not be shown to the public (i.e the performance centre).