The World Cup is rugby’s biggest spectacle, and is a great opportunity for rugby-mad fans and total novices alike to come together and witness this awesome occasion…

1.The Atmosphere

There aren’t too many sports in the world were opposition fans can sit next to one another during a game and have a great time. At a rugby game, the mixing of fans only adds to the atmosphere and allows you to get a completely different perspective on a game.

2.The Rivalries

Leading on from number one, the rivalries become even more fun when you consider England are in the same group as two of their biggest sporting rivals in Wales and Australia.


3.The Players

Rugby players remain some of the most physically impressive sportsmen in the world thanks in large part to their conditioning. Seeing the athleticism and skill on show from these elite players should provide more than enough excitement, even if you don’t full understand the laws.

4.The Impacts

You may have seen the big hits on TV, or even on YouTube clips, but when it comes to those impacts, nothing beats witnessing them live. It gives you a true perspective of just how big these collisions are, and the noise they make are something else.


5.The Giant Slaying

One of the greatest things about rugby, particularly in a knock-out form is that every so often you get a result that absolutely nobody was expecting. These giant slaying moments are the kind of occasions when rugby fans around the world unite to support a team.

6.The Personalities

Whether it be referee Nigel Owens laying the smackdown on a player for talking back, or the Honey Badger producing yet more quotable genius, the 2015 Rugby World Cup is sure to be full of huge personalities to keep you entertained.