You may have played with them since you were six, but there are certain things your team mates do out on a rugby field that will drive you absolutely crazy…

1.Arguing back to the referee

Just shut the hell up before we get marched back another 10

2.Scrum halves who pick and go inside the oppositions five metre line

You’re half their size, leave it to the big boys to muscle their way over


3.Kicking the ball at every opportunity

We’ve just spent five minutes winning it back, why the hell are you giving it back to them?

4.When backs run away from forwards

How are the pack supposed to support you at the breakdown when you’re the other side of the pitch?

5.Forwards getting in the way of the backs

There’s a set move planned and a prop has just blocked off the fly half’s pass to their centre!


6.Screwing up re-starts

Whether it be kicking short, out on the full or getting ahead of the kicker, it doesn’t come much more frustrating

7.Poor decisions

This one is usually on the captain when they elect to kick to the corner despite the line out falling apart all game