With the Rugby World Cup just a matter on months away, there’s a good chance that many England fans will understand these feelings over the next few weeks…

1.The excitement of a home world cup

For many England fans, it will be their first experience of watching a World Cup in the flesh. The opportunity to not only see their own team playing in rugby’s biggest tournament, but also to watch teams from around the world who they may not otherwise get chance to see is a great opportunity.

2.The endless debates about selections

Ford or Farrell? Wood or Haskell? Does Sam Burgess deserve a spot. The debate over the best selections will continue long after the World Cup has begun, with nobody being able to quite agree on the best starting XV, or game plan for England at this years World Cup.

3.The pain of trying to get our hands on tickets

Many England fans will know the painful experience of sitting and watching the doughnut of death on the ticketing site, only to find the games they wanted had already sold out. There will also have been many a serious debate over whether or not to re-mortgage the house to get England tickets.


4.Battling the crippling optimism

Wherever you turn, there will be an England fan, or national newspaper making bold claims about Stuart Lancaster’s sides chances at the World Cup. Whilst it’s easy to get carried away with it all, most England fans are trying to remain fairly pragmatic about their sides chances.

5.The internal debate of whether or not to buy the shirt

It may be £70, and it may only get worn for six weeks, but it’s the new England shirt, and it looks awesome. Whilst it may be hard to justify the cost for such a short lived kit, you may as well give in now and make the most of it as you’ll only end up buying the thing later on anyway.

6.The worry of getting knocked out by two of our biggest rivals

With both Australia and Wales in England’s group, there is the very real possibility of the Red Rose being knocked out by two of their biggest sporting rivals. This result would be absolutely disastrous and leave England fans open to tirades of banterous abuse from Welsh and Australian fans.


7.The gamble of which knock-out fixtures to buy tickets for

There are absolutely no guarantees that England will even make it out of their group, however the more optimistic fans may be currently gambling on which knock-out games England could find themselves in, and are therefore attempting to buy tickets accordingly.

8.The confusion over venue selections

Whilst it was inevitable that London would host the majority of the key games at the tournament, many fans remain baffled as to why Cardiff has been used so freely, whilst other areas of the country remain barely touched by the World Cup, never mind England.

9.The excitement over the potential of the current England side

Whilst the World Cup may have come a couple of years too early for a relatively young England side, seeing them scoring tries against France for fun at the end of this years Six Nations tournament has given plenty of room for optimism over the sides chances at the tournament.