A slightly tongue-in-cheek look at some of the burning questions rugby union fans have for those who follow ‘the other code’…

1.Why persist with the name rugby?

2.Why do all the players simply just run into one another?

3.What’s the point of your ‘scrums’?

4.Is there a reason for rolling the ball back with your foot after a tackle?


5.What the hell is going on with your ‘throw ins’?

6.Why do you just hand the ball over after six tackles?

7.Does anyone care about league outside of Northern England/Queensland?

8.Why does nobody give a toss about your internationals?


9.What’s with the short shorts?

10.Is there a reason your players all want to switch codes?

11.Do the positions actually have any relevance in league?

12.Are spear tackles actually allowed?

Do you have any other burning questions for rugby league supporters?