12 Questions All Union Fans Have For Rugby League Supporters


A slightly tongue-in-cheek look at some of the burning questions rugby union fans have for those who follow ‘the other code’…

1.Why persist with the name rugby?

2.Why do all the players simply just run into one another?

3.What’s the point of your ‘scrums’?

4.Is there a reason for rolling the ball back with your foot after a tackle?


5.What the hell is going on with your ‘throw ins’?

6.Why do you just hand the ball over after six tackles?

7.Does anyone care about league outside of Northern England/Queensland?

8.Why does nobody give a toss about your internationals?


9.What’s with the short shorts?

10.Is there a reason your players all want to switch codes?

11.Do the positions actually have any relevance in league?

12.Are spear tackles actually allowed?

Do you have any other burning questions for rugby league supporters?




  1. My primary “issue” with League is that there is no place for anyone other than muscular midsized mesomorphs. In RL there doesnt seem to be a place for the various shapes and sizes who have a place in Union.

    In Union, there is something beautiful about the “mismatch”, ie; when a small scrum half has to ankle tap a rampaging number 8, or when a Prop gets a big tackle in against a winger ..

    • I suggest you watch a bit of league, there is still variations in size. I am a bit concerned, however, by your love of a 20 stone prop smashing over a 12/13 stone scrum half. League has far greater impacts and requires a far higher fitness level which may explain some of the generification in apparent player size.

      • Union players are far and away fitter!!!!
        You try jumping in a linocut,scrummaging and then running tackling and picking yourself up and doing it all over again!!
        There’s nothing wrong with league they are both different types of rugby(different games)!

        • Ahhh that was so hard and insulting to read ???? Especially when we have less break down time and actually play rugby for the full 80 minutes and not 15 minutes of scrum restarts and line out moves ????. The record for the most tackles in a game of rugby union was 38 by Thierry Dusautoir. Whereas, in league the record is 75 proper, ball and all tackles made by Shaun Fensom, including the fact they have to wrestle them for their backs and fight for a slow play of the ball instead of just Legs tackling. James roby’s average tackle count in a season is higher than Dusautoir’s record set for yawnion so please lad ????✋???? take your biscuits somewhere else????????. You will never be fitter. That’s why you don’t see no 24stone props lugging around our field because they physically can’t deal with the intensity.

  2. Tongue in cheek? hardly. I will however try to answer the questions.
    1) Because it is a different rugby. The Northern Union (as was) broke away and decided on some rule changes to make the game more exciting and spectator friendly but none the less it is still rugby.
    2)? Ridiculous, at even the most basic level players are taught to run at the gap.
    3) Very little point in scrums. I have little doubt that scrums will be scrapped. There is a small argument that it gives some advantage to the attacking team in terms of gaps to run into.
    4) The ‘roll the ball back’ is actually a hangover from early rules, it is a mini scrum that get the ball in play much quicker than a traditional scrum. Until fairly recently the opposition ‘hooker’ could play at the ball like a traditional scrum.
    5) Again, getting the ball in play quickly rather than mauling the ball which normally follows a traditional line out.
    6) Ask me another. Perhaps league should have an extended ruck followed by a technical penalty to decide possession.
    7) Erm yes. Please consider that Samoa (I think, certainly one of the south sea islands) risked being black listed by the RFU for entering a team in to a world 7’s in the nineties. There is a large global following.
    8) Nobody other than those that watch them. League does not have the same international base the union enjoys but that base is expanding. League is a relatively new sport expanding without the benefit of the british empire.
    9) Got me there.
    10) All ‘our’ player don’t want to switch codes, infact many turn down union contracts. In England the RFU centrally fund most transfers, so money talks. SBW plays both and does a bit of boxing on the side. Joel? Tomkins returned to league from union and plenty of union players sign league con tracts Sam Burgess will return to league I suspect after the world cup.
    11) Less and less, its a very dynamic sport.
    12) No spear tackles are not allowed.
    It may also help your understanding to watch a bit of league and read up on your history.

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