If you were totally obsessed with rugby during your school years, then there’s a good chance you will remember some, or all of these things…

1.Wearing heavy cotton rugby shirts for training and games

Who needs synthetic materials when you can weigh and extra could of kg after a heavy downpour?

2.Struggling to concentrate during double Maths as you know the team is announced during lunch

How were you supposed to find the route of x when you were worried about making the team?

3.Having the proudest parents in the world when you were called up to the first team

It didn’t matter if you’d just failed your English exam, making the team was all that mattered!

4.Looking forward to a match all week only to see the game called off because of the rain

Somehow the pitch always looked fine to you, yet the slightest hint of rain always resulted in a cancellation.


5.That one kid who was totally dominant after a growth spurt at 10

Every school had one, that kid who was the size of a fully grown adult before they even hit their teens.

6.Struggling to drag yourself away from Rugby 05-08 for anything but rugby

What went so wrong with every single rugby game after the World Cup in France?

7.Going on tour!

The highlight of any school rugby players ‘career’ is going on the end of year tour to some exotic land.

8.Fund raising

But before being able to jet off to the other side of the world, you had to raise some cash to get you there!


9.You were lost during the final few months of school

When the rugby season ended, it became increasingly difficult to bother with games lessons.

10.The struggle of fitting mouth guards

You either did a cheap shop bought one yourself, or endured the chalky mould to get a pro one fitted!

11.The pains of changing studs

Pretty much all boots needed football studs replacing with rugby ones, however finding the spanner was the biggest issue!