rugby girl

We love being women and we love our sport! Rugby Girls are fierce, beautiful and, well, have some interesting habits. See which of these 7 Rugby Girl-isms apply to you!

1.You eat more than your male friends

Unless he also happens to be a rugby player, you may find yourself hoping he picks up the tab for the enormous breakfast, lunch or dinner you are about to consume.

2.You have debated wearing your compression gear under that slinky black dress

Not only is it insanely comfortable and warm, but your compression gear also does a wonderful job of keeping everything perfectly in place at all times.


3.Your version of haute couture is a hoody and flip flops

Turning up to training isn’t a fashion statement, it’s about comfort, therefore baggy club hoodies, flip flops and shorts are the go to option at every opportunity.

4.Your muscles are your badge of honour

Thigh gaps’ and ‘bikini bridges’ aren’t in our vocabulary, but words like ‘strong’, ‘athletic’ and ‘capable’ sure are. We work hard on the pitch and out and deserve the shapes our bodies take on.

5.You learn a lot in the changing room

This is where the real team bonding begins, whether it be catching up on gossip, find out who broke up with whom…even a-hem! These four walls can be considered the girl talk headquarters.


6.The only “up-do” you know is the bun

French twists, chignons, complex waterfall braids….what rugby girl has time for that? Just give us a bobby pin or a hair band and we’re ready to go.

7.You’re adept at covering up cuts and bruises

Whether it’s an extra layer of foundation to cover up last weekends black eye, or a pair or tights to hide your cut knees you’re well prepared. Alternatively you just flaunt your battle scars to everyone.