Although rugby is an inclusive sport, there are certain people, that no matter how hard you try, just simply need to be avoided at all costs…

1.The Climber

This kind of player can usually be found in the fourth team, yet spends every possible minute they can sucking up to the captains of the second and third team. Despite being pretty c**p at rugby they try everything in their power to make the step up to the next team.

2.The Cry Off

Everyone has to miss the odd game, sometimes at the last minute due to prior commitments or injuries. Unfortunately though, there are some players out there who promise to turn up every week, yet fail to materialise on game day.


3.The Know-It-All

There are certain kinds of people involved in all kinds of sport who always seem to ‘know best’. Whether it be critiquing the coaches selection decisions, or trying to tell someone how they would do their job better, these kinds of players will drive you completely nuts.

4.The Whiner

Every so often player will have a legitimate gripe, however they air their views then get on with it. Others though, will spend an entire game whining about one problem or another “their props too big”, “why do we have to play up hill”, “I chipped a toenail”, etc.

5.The Creep

For some reason, there’s always that one player who likes to get a little too cosy in rucks, or spends a little too long looking around in the shower. Whilst it’s easy to laugh off at first, it can sometimes get a little too uncomfortable to bare.