Currently we are hearing all sorts of stories about what different teams are up to as they prepare for the Rugby World Cup later this year. In case you wondered just how gruelling a player’s schedule is over the next few months, then you may want to take a look at this average day for a Welsh player eyeing up a place in Warren Gatland’s final 31-man squad…


Wake up!


Fat club begins – those players needing to shed a few extra pounds report to the training ground for extra work before the main sessions kick off.


Breakfast – whilst those in fat club slog it out, the rest of the team congregate for breakfast. Players tuck into a high protein meal, with plenty of good carbs to keep them going until lunch.


The torture begins – players are split into three groups, where players work on skills conditioning and power endurance.



Lunch – although a little early for most, it’s important to remember some players have been getting flogged since 6.30am so are desperately in need of a re-fuel. Up to 15kg of chicken in addition to 6-8kg of fish can be gotten through in a single sitting.


Back to it – this is usually where a weights session will be conducted with the coaching staff trying to mix things up as much as possible to avoid players getting bored.


Dinner – more of the same for the players as they pack in plenty of protein and good carbohydrates to allow their bodies to recover.


Winding down – although there isn’t too much to do of an evening the players are given some time to wind down. They admit to rarely suffering from boredom as fatigue sets in and they head to bed for an early night.