Taff luck- This Wales rugby union fan is either upset at their 2011 World Cup loss to France - or at being the only bloke in the picture who doesn't have a beer

We take a look at the 13 things we think are almost inevitably going to happen at the Rugby World Cup this year…

1.Fans everywhere will be hopelessly optimistic

You can guarantee that sets of fans from at least eight different countries will be hopelessly optimistic about their chances at the World Cup, only for their dreams to be shattered in their quarters.

2.There will be empty seats

Given the astronomical prices of some of the tickets on sale, it would be a safe bet putting money on certain stadiums being half-empty during games as fans decide to stay at home rather than shell out.

3.English hearts will be broken

There has been so much hype and build up to the 2015 World Cup for England fans, that it seems almost inevitable that they will find themselves knocked out of the tournament at least one round too early.


4.The stadiums will be criticised

Whether it be bitter fans criticising the influence of ‘Fortress Twickenham’, or criticism over the use of football stadia, rather than traditional rugby grounds, it’s guaranteed someone will take issue.

5.The 2003 World Cup will be mentioned at least 2003 times

You can pretty much guarantee that the English media will mention the 2003 World Cup triumph at every given opportunity, in addition to the inevitable highlight montages, and comparisons.

6.The French will frustrate everyone

Despite being the basket case of international rugby, just like last time, the French will somehow find themselves battling into the latter stages of the competition, much to the dismay of their opposition.

7.Fans will complain about the costs of new shirts…but still buy them

£70 for a shirt? Really? Well it is the World Cup! It seems inevitable that despite the extortionate prices for shirts that are only relevant for six weeks that fans will still be decked out in their teams latest kit.


8.Former players will prove to be terrible pundits

The number of successful transitions from playing rugby to punditry are relatively few and far between. It therefore seems inevitable that at least one commentary career will be ended before it has even begun.

9.Fans will be disappointed when their team doesn’t put 100 points on a minnow

When one of the top Tier 1 nations fails to put more than a few points over a team like Romania or Uruguay, fans will complain about the ‘poor performance’ despite their team fielding a second string XV.

10.Football fans will get irate

Whether it’s complaints about rugby ruining their football pitches, or the fact their favourite team is getting reduced coverage because of the World Cup, it’s guaranteed the wendyball fans will have a right old moan.

11.At least one player will end up in the news for all the wrong reasons

Whether it be jumping off a ferry, accusations of Nazism or tossing dwarfs, you can guarantee that at least one player will do something outrageously stupid that will see them make the headlines for all the wrong reasons.