rugby parents

Rugby is a sport that attracts people from all walks of life, however it is often the on-looking parents who provide the greatest contrast. Here are the different types of parents you are likely to find on the sidelines of a rugby match…

1.The competitive one

Usually found jumping around and screaming at every decision even though their kid is often one of the quietest on the team. The competitive one means well, but can often have a detrimental effect on younger rugby players.

2.The know-it-all one

The know-it-all will likely spend the whole game trying to tell the coaches, referee and anyone else who will listen how it should be done, often despite never having even played the game themselves.


3.The addict

The kind of parent who totally lives through their child, and finds themselves buying them all of the latest kit, even when they’ve only just started playing tag rugby. Despite this, there’s nothing they won’t do to support their little rugby player.

4.The pacifist

The pacifist is the kind of parent who would do absolutely anything in their power to stop their child playing rugby if they could, but still comes to watch even if they do squirm every time little Timmy is tackled.

5.The lush one

Rarely found anywhere other than the clubhouse during the depths of winter, the lush one is more interested in perfectly preserving their designer boots than getting out in the wind and the rain to cheer their kid on.


6.The observer

Although the observer can be spotted at every one of their kids rugby matches, they are usually found stood alone on the far side of the pitch, seemingly doing everything in their power to avoid interacting with others.

7.The officiator

The officiator is so keen to get involved with their kids latest sporting adventure that they regularly find themselves volunteering to officiate every match (despite clearly needing to brush up on the laws somewhat).