If you grew up playing rugby, there’s no doubting that your love of the game has never wavered, regardless of whether you have stopped playing or not. However, these are the things we all really miss after we hang up our boots, either temporarily or permanently…

1.Making huge hits

Very little comes close to the satisfaction of making one perfectly timed hit that completely floors your opposite number during a game.

2.Game day

Strangely enough, waking up early to get to a game is one of the greatest feelings on earth because you know you’re set to run out with your teammates in just a few hours.

3.The feeling of making a great play

Very little comes close to that ecstatic feeling you get when you’ve just made a great play, especially when it involves other members of your team.


4.The changing rooms

After a game, it’s hard to beat the atmosphere in the changing rooms. Celebrating with team mates, before heading into the clubhouse is one of the greatest feelings around.

5.The feeling of scoring a try

Whether you score every week, or just once in a lifetime, that feeling of crossing the whitewash is incomparable to nearly anything else.


Whether it be travelling to an away game, or going on tour, there’s not much that beats piling into cars or coaches with the rest of the team – especially on the way back.



The feeling after playing rugby is pretty much unbeatable, however walking off the pitch after a game having just recorded a victory is truly something special.