Whether you’re trying to wind back the years, or just get in a bit of exercise, no matter which way you look at it, playing rugby isn’t natural.

Getting up every weekend to spend 80 minutes chasing a ball around a field with 29 other players, half of whom are there to flatten you out. Instead you could be at home with your family, or down at the pub with friends, yet every week you choose to punish yourself mentally and physically.

For playing rugby means spending half the week recovering from the knocks and bruises you picked up the previous week, and just as you’ve recovered you put yourself through it again. Not only this but you do it year after year with no obvious reward.

You even spend good money on travelling all over the country for games, and then on boots, shorts and all sorts of other gear you probably don’t need. And you do all of this with no clear and obvious goal at the end of it.

Perhaps in your youth you could once attest to having ambitions of making a career out of rugby, but once you hit adulthood, even that vague dangling carrot quickly evaporates. And yet you still carry on turning up every week.


Is there any other ‘leisure’ pursuit where people will spend so much time and money on essentially not being able to wipe their own a**e on a Sunday morning? In fact, many struggle to even make it through the full 80 minutes, so physically demanding is the sport of rugby.

Yet despite all of this, we love it. We revel in the cuts and bruises we continue to find in the days after, and we throw money at new club gear quicker than they can produce it. For this is rugby, and there is no other pursuit in the world like it.

Who gives a f**k if we stand zero chance of ‘making it’ – we’re going to keep playing just for the sheer hell of it. For that one glorious moment out on the pitch, or failing that, a couple of beers with the opposition after the dust has settled.

If you a win then everything is just that bit sweeter. The beer goes down a bit easier, food tastes that bit better, and the s*x…well! It’s no wonder people get bitten by the rugby bug so quickly and so powerfully – there’s nothing quite like it.

Join a rugby club and you’re guaranteed to have an incredible time, not only that but I’m pretty sure you’ll come away with friends for life. So who gives a toss if you’re out of breath after walking 20 yards, just put on the fat ba***rd shirt and join the front row union.

Rugby truly is a sport for everyone, so don’t waste another second, if you haven’t already joined a team, what the hell are you waiting for?