Every rugby team has them – the weak link who can never be a***d to turn up to training, and barely turns up for games…

1.The cheat

Whether it be pulling players back by their shirts, or pinning them down a couple of seconds longer at rucks, the cheat will do anything to avoid having to over-exert themselves during a game.

2.The under-achiever

A player who is more than good enough to be starting in the first XV, yet chooses to spend their time lagging in the thirds because they can’t be bothered to turn up to training.

3.The walking wounded

This slacker is constantly complaining about some sort of injury that never shows any actual symptoms. This wimp either has an extremely low pain threshold, or has a serious case of OCD.


4.The back up generator

Spends an entire game barely getting out of first gear, saving up all their energy for the final minutes. Then they use all of their energy in one burst as they bid to steal the glory from others.

5..The lazy runner

Whether it’s getting back onside from a kick, or making their way to the line-out, the lazy runner is either slowing the game down or giving away daft penalties.

6.The miracle worker

This slacker always seems to go down with an injury just as the going gets tough, but miraculously jumps back to their feet the moment the ball is safely cleared.


7.The dog leg

Every team has that one player who can’t be bothered to hold the line and so is constantly creating dog legs in the defence which invariably lead to tries.

8.The w(h)inger

This slacker usually insists on being played out on the wing where they think they will have to do the least amount of work, yes still love a good whine about how hard they had it during a game.