Not everyone appreciates the sacrifices parents make in order to help their kids play rugby on a regular basis, but here’s why you should…

1.Rugby parents remember the little things

Whether it be ensuring mouth guards are properly moulded, or there is shower gel in your game day bag, it’s those little details which really count.

2.They’re also the best cheerleaders

They may have been up early to get you ready for the game, but when you’re out there playing, they will be putting just as much energy into cheering you on.


3.They get bitten by the rugby bug too

They may never have experienced rugby before in their life, however as soon as you take it up you can be sure they will become just as hooked as you.

4.They all have your back

It’s not just your parents, but all the rugby parents who will be cheering you on and ensuring you get a pat on the back after a game.

5.They’re happy to volunteer

Whether it be washing the kit, or coaching one of the teams, rugby parents are never afraid to chip in and do all they can to help the team.