Rugby talking points

No matter what level of rugby you play at, these are the kinds of things you want everyone outside of the sport to know…

1.We’re not arrogant…just competitive

Just because we like to win, doesn’t mean we expect it.

2.It always hurts like hell

We may brush it off as ‘just a scratch’ but that big hit will be hurting like hell for the next week.

3.Rugby is important to us

It may be just a game to you, but to us it’s much more than that.


4.The social side is just as important as the playing side

Most of our closest friends can also normally be found down at the rugby club.

5.We’re emotional

We may not show it, but winning or losing can really make or break our day.

6.We have nervous habits

Whether it be stupid pre-match rituals, or something else, we do get nervous before a game.


7.We hate individual tasks

Rugby is a team sport, where we have total faith in those around us doing their jobs.

8.We’re goal orientated

Once we commit to something, we see it through to the very end, no matter what.